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Simplifying Your Life 103 Items At a Time
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Get a complete warranty and maintenance plan that includes 4 seasonal visits and a 103-point checklist on your most critical home appliances or systems. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, we got you covered for that too!

There is a 68% chance that one of your nine critical appliances will fail this year¹.

TotalProtect Gold is the only program in the nation that offers both warranty and maintenance in one convenient plan.

Our 103-Point Checkup List:
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HVAC Checkup List
  1. Check and clear primary/secondary condensate lines and pans
  2. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  3. Inspect condenser coil
  4. Check system operating pressures (Freon levels)
  5. Test temperature rise and drop of furnace, A/C and heat pump
  6. Check belts and pulleys; adjust if necessary
  7. Lubricate motors if oil ports are accessible
  8. Inspect filter; replace if customer has a replacement filter
  9. General inspection of wiring in the furnace and the A/C units
  10. Check amp draw of evaporator motor
  11. Check amp draw of condenser motor
  12. Check amp draw of compressor
  13. Inspect furnace chambers and burners
  14. Check controls and safeties on furnace
  15. Visual inspection of exposed flue pipe
  16. Check thermostat operation
  17. Check crankcase heater operation for heat pumps
Electrical Checkup List
  1. Pull and check main panel
  2. Check wiring
  3. Tighten screws and lugs on breakers
  4. Apply nolac mix on aluminum wires
  5. Check for double tapped breakers
  6. Check for overloaded circuits
  7. Make sure main breaker size matches SEC cable into home.
  8. Check outlets with tester for open grounds, neutral wires and polarity
  9. Test/inspect GFCI outlets and breakers
  10. Make sure sump pump outlets have power and test sump pumps
  11. Survey for proper surge protection
  12. Check smoke detector batteries; replace batteries (9 volt) if needed
Plumbing Checkup List
  1. Inspect faucets for leaks
  2. Flush one gallon water from the water heater
  3. Check water pressure in home
  4. Inspect accessible, exposed drain lines for signs of leaks
  5. Inspect accessible water lines for signs of leaks
  6. Check to see if sump pump is working
  7. Test water heater operation
  8. Check for slow drains in bathtubs and sinks
  9. Check operation of water heater elements (electric)
  10. Check amp draw of water heater elements (electric)
  11. Check operation of water heater gas burner (gas)
  12. Check thermocouple on water heater (gas)
  13. Check gas valve on water heater (gas)
  14. Check flue pipe for deterioration on water heater (gas)
  15. Inspect shower tiles for obvious cracking or separation
  16. Check to see if the garbage disposal is working properly
Appliance Checkup List


  1. Check/adjust leveling of unit
  2. Check lid switch operation
  3. Check operation of all console controls
  4. Check/tighten water connections
  5. Check for water leakage
  6. Check for oil leakage in transmission area
  7. Check drive belt
  8. Check tension of drive belt and pulleys
  9. Check pump-out timing (within specs)
  10. Check tub springs for correct positioning


  1. Check/tighten supply connections (gas/electric)
  2. Check/adjust leveling of unit
  3. Check operation of all console controls
  4. Check cycling of heat thermostats
  5. Check/clean blower wheel area
  6. Check dryer belt
  7. Check rollers and glides
  8. Check heater wiring/gas valve connections
  9. Clean lint from inside cabinet and filter
  10. Check lint filter
  11. Check venting for proper airflow
  12. Clean out dryer vent lines


  1. Check/adjust oven door gaskets
  2. Check/lube oven door latch assemble
  3. Check surface burner operations
  4. Check broiler operation
  5. Check oven operation
  6. Check/adjust oven thermostat
  7. Check electronic ignition system
  8. Check ERC/KRC delayed oven operation
  9. Check/replace oven light
  10. Check/tighten gas/electric supply connections


  1. Check/clean condenser coils
  2. Check/clean defrost drain pan
  3. Check/tighten water line connections
  4. Clean/lube door gaskets
  5. Check/adjust leveling for proper door closure
  6. Check/align door hinges as needed
  7. Check/clean air return ducts
  8. Check fresh food/freezer air temps
  9. Check humidity/crisper bin control settings
  10. Check defrost controls


  1. Check/clean spray arms for proper operation and cracks
  2. Check fill for proper level and clean inlet screen
  3. Check all gaskets for possible leaks and repair if necessary
  4. Check detergent/drying agent dispensers
  5. Check timer and electrical components
  6. Check for proper level and re-level (if needed)
  7. Check water temperature and advise customer if it is not hot


  1. Check oven door alignment
  2. Check for proper operation of interlocks
  3. Check for microwave leakage
  4. Check control operations
  5. Check/clean antenna assembly
  6. Check/clean antenna grease shield
  7. Check oven cavity for spot arching
  8. Check wattage output of unit
  9. Check/replace oven light

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Preventive Maintenance

Don’t let a system or home appliance failure ruin your day! Spend weekends having fun, not maintaining your home! We’ll do that for you. We’ll make sure everything is running like it should with our preventive maintenance plan that includes a 103-point checklist of all your systems and major appliances with 4 maintenance visits per year.

Repair or Replacement Coverage Too!

If our service technician finds a covered issue while performing your preventive maintenance, we’ll fix it for you or replace the broken item for a low deductible fee.* Save your weekends and have peace of mind with TotalProtect Gold!


* See terms, conditions, and limitations in the sample contract after requesting a quote. Covered systems and appliances must be in good working order at time of activation. Non-covered charges may apply.

** The data above is based on TotalProtect’s estimated ranges on retail costs for replacement of the listed systems and appliances. Includes data from national independent service contractors as of 5/2011. Pricing and benefits may vary by state.

1 - Home repair or remodel, Marshal & Swift, LP., 2004